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Enterprise Software Solutions

Every single person, business or entity is different, they operate & grow differently having thier own specific needs. We offer customized and tailored solution for all enterprises.

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Email server & clients

A messaging system is an important aspect of every mid to large origination. It helps in tracking the work in progress, communicating with your clients/end users, communication channel for your internal teams. Externally it acts like a identity for your organization, the world when interacts with your company email addresses fill more safe & confident.

We install & configure both desktop & mobile email client applications for your organization needs.

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SMS gateway solution:

Short message service (SMS) one of powerful communication tool enables your application, your employees or end users to get OTP messages, registration news, transaction details etc directly to their mobile devices. Embedding SMS service to your application enhances security by two way authenticating users. IT also act as a tool for sending scheduled reminders. At present we support Indian mobile numbers with both DND & Non DND registrations.

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Customized softwares:

We provide best in class support for developing & maintaining customized software for your organizational needs. Be it an Inventory system, Invoice generation, Customer tracking loyalty program, Healthcare system, Ticket / room reservation system, Incident monitoring system, Time sheet application. Our experts are committed to offer you best & competitive solution in the market.