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Data science as a service

Our data science as a service helps enterprises & clients make informed data-driven business decisions and find innovative ways to strategize and optimize operations, discover new market opportunities and trends. We specialize in statistical analysis, regression models, neural networks, machine learning model deployment for industrial usages.

Statistical analysis

Statistical Analysis:

Statistical analysis is the core of every business / services. It may range from bar graphs, histograms or fancy pie charts, however their potential to show a huge collection of data very precisely & concisely makes them indispensablepart of management activity.

Its very essential to monitor the trends of incoming customers, sale opportunities, fiscal growth analysis and several analysis factors.

We have statistical experts who can leverage your data and turn them to meaningful insights which may help your organization strategize priorities & work in best optimum way.

Statistical analysis

Linear/Logistic Regressions:

Regressions are no more just lines which bifurcate data-points/observations. They are the perfect combination of mathematical equations to best fit your data dispersed in multi-dimension. To be practical, human can visualize a maximum of 3 dimensional landscape (let say a x-y-z scaled data) and may find a global optimum. However its just beyond imagination that this mathematical equations encompasses a multi-dimensional space ranging upto hundred of thousands dimensions/parameters for finding best solution for you.

Our experts help you in building best regression solution having optimized equation, parameters selection, prediction accuracy and convert the whole solution into webservices having user-friendly graphical interfaces which will help you with predictions and possibilities of outcome.

Statistical analysis

Neural Network:

Neural network comprises a set of neurons (mathematical calculating unit) arranged in some particular order / fashion known as the architecture of neural network and simulates the functioning of human brain, the way brain consist of millions of neurons which processes information of stimulus/signals from different receptors.

This complex units are the core of advanced technology ranging from face detection, voice & sentiment analysis, text analysis & chat bots, self driving cars/helicopters .. etc

Our experts help your organization integrate the best neural network solution for your face/object detection, Voice synthesis, text analysis applications.